Dress Code

The purpose of a school dress code is to keep the school environment wholesome, safe, and focused on instruction. Students are to be appropriately dressed at all times. In keeping with that intention, we ask that careful consideration is given to what is purchased for students to wear to school. Students at Rolando Park Elementary participate in physical education activities daily so clothing should be comfortable and enable participation without being immodest. Please be sure clothing is identified with the student's name.

  1. Caps, clothing or accessories with suggestive or vulgar words, logos, or designs that advertise or promote violence, drugs, gangs, alcohol, sex or illegal items are not allowed. Gang colors or gang style of dress is forbidden.
  2. Closed-toe shows must be worn at all times. We recommend wearing regular athletic shoes with low heels and soles to allow participation in daily physical activities. All footwear must remain securely on the foot.
  3. Chains, tattoos, hats, bandanas, and sagging pants are not allowed.
  4. Clothing which is immodest or tends to disrupt the educational process is inappropriate, including half shirts, halter tops, tank/muscle tops, tube tops, mini-skirts, short-shorts, or clothing made from transparent material. Midriffs may not be exposed and straps on tops must be at least two inches wide. Shorts should be worn under dresses to allow for athletics.
  5. If students arrive improperly dressed a parent/guardian will be contacted and asked to bring a change of clothing to school. If a parent/guardian cannot be contacted, students will be sent to the nurse's office for a change of clothing.

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