School-Wide Behavior Plan

At Rolando Park...

All children will be safe, happy and successful at school. We have mapped a pathway to guide students through school and life. The plan is founded on the belief that each child is responsible for the choices made. Choices result in consequences and rewards.

It is vital that parents, school staff and students work together to maintain a positive atmosphere for learning.

  • The Rolando Park Pathway will be posted in every classroom and in all common areas around the school.
  • The Rolando Park Pathway will be taught and applied in every part of the school.
  • All staff members are responsible for enforcing the Rolando Park Pathway and supporting positive school wide behaviors.
  • School wide discipline efforts emphasize the positive behaviors of both individuals and groups.

Rewards and Positive Reinforcement

Children who chose to follow the Rolando Park Pathway are recognized and appreciated for their good behavior. Students may receive praise, awards, positive notes, special privileges, lunch with the principal, recognition at Award Assemblies, prizes and field trips.


Children who choose to disregard the Rolando Park Pathway will receive consequences that may include a verbal warning, conference with teacher, parent contact, exclusion from activities, detention, a referral to administration, in-school suspension and home suspension. Students may be sent directly to administration for serious infractions such as fighting, throwing objects and defiance. In addition, the San Diego Unified School District's Zero Tolerance Policy will also be enforced. Refer to the 2013-2014 Facts for Parents or for further information.

Special Activities

Student Standouts Assemblies

Every month we celebrate student accomplishments with a recognition assembly. Students who demonstrate excellence in areas as academics, behavior, sportsmanship, etc. are honored. Parents are invited to join us.

Rolando Park Pathway

At Rolando Park we have a character education program focusing on a different trait every month. Teachers at any time can "catch" students demonstrating one of these practices and present them with a ticket. The ticket is placed in the "frog" for a drawing for prizes.

Attendance Incentives

Children with good attendance records are celebrated and appreciated at Rolando Park Elementary. At the end of each month, children with a perfect attendance receive a certificate and be invited to a Perfect Attendance Party! For each day that the classroom has perfect attendance, they will earn a letter. Once the classroom has earned enough letters to spell out "I LOVE ROLANDO PARK" the entire class receives a Perfect Attendance dog tag. At the end of the school year, students with perfect year attendance are especially recognized at the End of the Year Award Assembly.

Field Trips

Parents will be notified about field trips in advance and are asked to sign a permission slip. The district policy will not allow school to accept permission for field trips over the phone.All students are allowed to participate unless they do not meet the classroom criteria for the trip.

ALL Field Trips are free of charge to students and families. The school will be hosting fundraisers to pay for entrance fees and transportation. Any dontations for our Field Trip Fund would be greatly appreciated.

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